What is meant by Innocent Spouse Relief?

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There are certain benefits attached to joint tax return which is why many couples choose to opt for it. In this scenario, both partners are jointly responsible for paying tax and and any penalty or interest which is due together even in case of subsequent divorce. This condition stays intact even if the divorce decree establishes that a former partner will be responsible for paying penalties on joint returns. One spouse may be held accountable for the payment of the due taxes even if the other spouse had earned all the income.
Unfortunately, not every marriage has a ‘happily ever after’. What should you do in case you decide to part ways? If you are interested in finding the right guidance in Baton Rouge, LA for innocent spouse relief, then we will be happy to help you.

The salient features of innocent spouse relief
iRefund can help you in applying for innocent spouse relief.

In order to request relief, you have to file form 8857 with the IRS as soon as you know of the tax liability. There is no need to fill in multiple forms as one form will provide coverage for several years. You may add a letter along with your form and any other information that you think is necessary. You may use the U.S. Postal Service anywhere in Baton Rouge, LA to send your form to the IRS.

If you are afraid to file for relief because of your partner’s reaction, you should know that contacting your spouse is the duty of the IRS. In due course, all your confidential details such as your current address and phone number will be kept private by the IRS.

After the case has been filed, it may take around six months before any kind of determination is established. During this time, the IRS will obtain all information about your taxes and will keep contacting your spouse. This rule also applies to cases of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Whatever the case, you should not refrain from filing for your current tax return.

In case your previous claim for innocent spouse relief was denied, you may still file a second time. For this purpose, you will have to provide additional information supporting your claim. However, you will not be awarded any tax court rights in filing for reconsideration.

Innocent spouse relief provides both partners with the advantage of filing for relief.

Do you qualify for innocent spouse relief?
In order to qualify for innocent spouse relief, you must meet the following requirements:

1. You must have a joint statement filed with your ex-partner. It is necessary that this application has an understatement of tax.

2. Your spouse’s over expenditure must be the reason for this understatement of taxes.

3. You must have proof that at the time of filing for joint return; you had no idea about the existence of an understatement of tax.

4. Establish the fact that it would be unfair to hold you responsible for the understatement of tax.

5. It is important that you file for relief within two years of the date that the IRS begins its collection activity opposed to you.

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