Tips for Getting Your Refund Back Fast

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There are ways to improve the speed at which you receive your tax refund. One of the most important things you can do is to keep good records throughout the entire tax year. Good organizational skills will go a long way to ensure that your tax return is completed quickly by your tax preparer. For businesses, this may mean that you have to have conscientious employees who take special care in keeping accurate records for your business. In other cases, you may rely on a tax attorney to ensure that your records are in order.No matter who maintains your tax records it is very important that your records are kept orderly and accurate.

Expense records are very important, and for individuals, this will include purchase receipts, interest statements for school loans or mortgages, medical expense records, and loss documentation such as investment losses, or uninsured casualty losses.

Income records are even more important so you should make sure you have all W-2 forms provided by your employer, and if you have more than one employer, be sure to get every W-2 that is issued to you before you file your taxes. If you perform any work as an independent contractor or even freelance income, you may receive 1099 forms from the businesses that paid you. Be sure to have these records on hand as well and that they reconcile with the income information you have recorded for those clients. Any income you received throughout the year should also be recorded, and those records should be available for your tax preparer.

Another way to ensure a quick refund is to utilize EZ tax forms. This will utilize standard deductions, which means you will be able to skip the detailed work involved in itemizing your deductions. Manual forms can be used or you can complete your EZ form online. Your tax preparer can also submit this form online for you, which will result in a faster refund.

The most important overall goal to a fast refund is ensuring you have all the records you need and that they are accurate when it comes time to file you taxes. While we have outlined several important records that you will need for your return, there are many other records that you may need because each individual has special circumstances. Children, a marriage, the sale of real estate, an inheritance, or a divorce are all examples where special documentation may be required for your tax return.

If you are unsure of the records you need for your tax return, be sure to contact the professionals at We can ask some simple questions that will put you on the right track before your tax return is completed.

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