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Some businesses offering tax preparation, and other similar services, are only open during the tax preparation season. If they’re a bank, they pull some of their workers aside and assign them to the tax side of things just for a little bit. If they’re a generic tax company, they find an open space to rent and move in for a while. Nothing about their actions is permanent, other than the fact they’ll do this every year.

What does that mean for your taxes? Due to the nature of their status, these people don’t work year-round on taxes. They don’t go to classes, or keep up to date with the changing of forms or of rules. Their sole focus is the tax season, and that’s it.

iRefund is open all year around -- so, for example, if you applied for an extension on your taxes, you can still come in and see us. Other companies have long moved on and banks now would make you wait for an appointment months away. Or if you’ve gotten your tax return back, but you want another eye on it, just to make sure that everything’s accurate? We can do that too. The benefits to being open year-round mean that any time there’s a question or concern about taxes -- we can help with that right away.

Our employees take classes, and learn on the job. iRefund is the best choice in business tax learning. That learning is applied to helping customers, and because we’re open year-round, it proves that iRefund is the best tax experience you could have.

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