Tax Evasion? Better Not.

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Tax season is frustrating, we know. Getting together all your files and trying to figure out what forms go where and who to ask for help? It can definitely seem daunting at times -- and maybe even tempting just to make up a few details on the form.

Don’t do that.

It may seem like only rich businessmen with lots of money lie on their tax forms, but honestly, it doesn’t take a certain amount of money to do it. Yes, the more money you earn in a given year, the more you have to pay back (and the less you may get in a refund.) And all the movies may make it look cool, like The Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short, for instance, but seriously, it’s not.

The real-life people in those fictionalized stories didn’t live happily ever after. They went to jail and left their families broke with no real way to make money. If the IRS convicts someone of evading taxes, they have no issues with seizing bank accounts. On top of jail time, there’s usually hefty fines to pay -- and depending on the severity of the evasion and how long it lasted, they can go back and demand money for each year’s worth of taxes.

It’s possible to make honest mistakes on your taxes, of course. It’s very hard to accidentally evade your taxes, and the IRS knows that. If you make a mistake, they’ll notify you and often, they’ll correct it themselves. Taxes are one of the fundamental cornerstones of our economy, and from the IRS down to the tax groups like us, we all want to make it work for you. 

That’s why, no matter your feelings on the government or our economy, it’s so important to pay taxes. Maybe it doesn’t seem like things are so great, but if we all stopped paying taxes, things would get a lot worse. To avoid even making the IRS wonder if you’re trying to evade your taxes, work with a trained group that can help you get everything exactly right -- like iRefund.

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